Now's the Time for Empowering Leaders!

We're living through the greatest transformation in the history of man
The 21st century is a time when our major societal institutions are being challenged to change. Advances in technology and communication networks such as social media are causing disrupting thinking and driving rapid change on all levels in our society.  

“We are going through the greatest transformation period in the history of Man.”

- Peter Drucker, 
Father of Modern-day Management 

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic added even more complexity to this upheaval and uncertainty in our lives. All indications of this transformation period and creation of a new world environment will be with us for the foreseeable future.

Empowering Leaders

We're living through the greatest transformation in the history of man
Now there is a critical demand for Empowering Leaders who know how to find purpose and opportunity and perform on a high level during these most challenging times and lead us to a safe, hopeful, and brighter future full of possibilities.

There is an urgent need for Empowered Leadership and Empowering Leaders in all types of businesses and organizations and on all management levels including self-leaders.
Being an Empowering Leader is a transformational leadership style and is based on the evolved US Military leadership strategy and practices and reaffirmed in the research for the book “ The American Dream is a Mindset.”

Profile of an Empowering Leader

  • Develops a collective vision to perform on a high level during these most challenging times and lead us to a safer and better future for the teams and organizations they lead.
  • Creates a diverse culture based on the values of integrity and mutual respect.
  • Holds a development philosophy with the premise that we have 'unlimited potential' within each of us with the goal of unleashing this human potential.
  • ​Skills centered on communications, empathy, and accountability.
The role of an empowering leader is to nurture an inclusive and supportive culture, with the overriding purpose of developing other Empowering Leaders in the process.

"CASA Mindset" — Relationships

The "CASA Mindset" refers to the CASA Model for effective, impactful communications with others. 
It is made up of five elements:
C — Connecting 
A — Agreement 
S — Self-Skills 
A — Accountability 
Mindset refers to the recognition of our beliefs and intentions for success and fulfillment. 
The "CASA Mindset" for Empowering Leaders programs, tools, and coaching packages focus on the development of the two core, essential relationships that are vital to leadership and being an Empowering Leader: 

1. The relationship with one's self — referred to as the 'Mindset for Success for Peak Performance;

2. The relationship with others — team members and coworkers is the Ultimate Framework for success and fulfillment as a Leader

CASA Mindset Programs, Tools and Coaching Packages for Development of Empowering Leaders

The CASA Mindset programs and coaching packages are tested and proven; based on research and the performances of successful Empowering Leaders; and supported by cutting-edge neuroscience.

They are designed for all types of leaders in any organization at any level of management including self-leaders. 

These programs, tools and coaching packages focuses on the development of the following Empowering Leader knowledge and skills:

  • Whys and Profile of Empowering Leader's Model for Success
  • Mindset techniques for accessing the Executive Brain for success and being in a Peak Performance state throughout the day.
  • Proven system (CASA Meeting System) for conducting important meetings and crucial. one-on-one conversation with team members, coworkers, and others. 
  • ​Centers on development of these Skills: Right mindset, communication, active listening, constructive questioning; all centered around empathy, accountability, and relationship building. 
  • ​Developing an Empowering Leader Plan — vision, strengths/development areas, 360 Assessment report, laeder goals, management systems, team development, performance, and personal goals. 

The CASA Mindset for Empowering Leaders Program is designed for individual use and can also be customized for group or team use.

The CASA Mindset for Empowering Leaders consists of a 3-step developmental building process:

  • CASA Mindset for Empowering Leader Program
  • ​Leader's Master Webinar Series
  • ​Leader Executive Coaching
“The CASA Mindset is a great way to alter your mindset and stay on track in your professional career.”

“ Something that really stuck with me was learning how to keep a positive mindset. I think that many people would be impacted greatly by this, especially during the pandemic making it harder on everyone.”
“I believe that the CASA Mindset video sessions will allow me to have a more positive outlook on life, which will result in a greater chance of me being successful in reaching my goals. It taught me how to develop a positive mindset and apply that mindset into my career.”

“Learned a lot about group communication in terms of conflict resolution. I believe that this will be very useful to me in the future. Additionally, enjoyed learning about the common core beliefs of successful I believe that there is a lot of great content and new information in this program, and that future students would greatly benefit from it.”
“ Upon initial reflection, I really do think I will take the meditation into my daily routine. Even just taking a small time to go over the day could help me put in the right Mindset every day. In terms of professional meetings, I really like the idea of preparing before the meeting as well as reflecting on the meeting. Writing down my goals and questions before each meeting could really help connect during the meeting and review the meeting will help in building a relationship.”

“My favorite segment was the three steps of maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day. Starting with waking up and finishing when you go back to sleep is something I hadn't thought of. It can have a huge impact on leadership and interpersonal relationships but it's also easy to implement immediately.”
“Overall, after watching the CASA Mindset online program, I have learned a lot not only about applying skills in being an Empowered Leader but also skills to grow personally not just in a professional environment. The CASA Mindset has really opened up my perspective and made me become more curious about my abilities and goals.”

“I believe the CASA mindset will open my eyes to different ways of thinking about situations and finding where my leadership skills can be effective in the workplace and in my life.”

I. CASA Mindset for Empowering Leaders Program

Aim: Provide Leaders with empowering, proven CASA Mindset knowledge, tools, and techniques resulting in greater team performance and leader success 
  • Video based with 15 short, 3-5 minute focused episodes, accompanied by supporting models, tools, techniques, and documents. 

Program Time: 1 - 2 hours (self-paced, on-demand sessions)

Program Special Price: $249.00

For more program details, click here.

II. Leader's Master Webinar Series

The Leader's Master Zoom Webinar Series is a deep dive inside the CASA Mindset program in more detail. You will hear from Leaders who are using the system and their 'Best Practices', and you will have the resources for immediate use and impact. 
  • Choose from 3 webinar topics to customize your learning path

Webinar Time: 30 - 40 minutes each

Webinar Price: $125 each

For more information on the Webinar Series, click here.

III. Empowering Leader Coaching Packages

1. Mastery of the CASA Meeting System.

Includes two Zoom Coaching sessions which includes observing or reviewing a leadership session, direct feedback, and a feedback report with support tools: CASA Meeting Model, Meeting Worksheet and Action Plan

2. Developing Empowering Leader Plan
Review the Empowering Leader's Success model, exercises and develop and Empowering Leader Plan. 
Includes two Zoom Coaching sessions. 
  • Two One-on-One Zoom Coaching Sessions
  • ​Estimated time: 1 - 1 ½ hours each

Coaching Package Price: $895 each

3. Comprehensive Empowering Leader Coaching Program
Package includes an assessment process involving Appreciative Inquiry, MHS EQi 360 Instrument, Leader Assessment report, 3 Zoom coaching sessions and development of an Empowering Leader Plan.
  • Three One-on-One Zoom Sessions
  • ​Estimated time: 1 ½ hours each

Coaching Package Price: $1,895 each

For more information on these coaching packages, click here.

Jack Hondros, CFP, CLU, CHFC

Alexis Gladstone
Jack Hondros served as Chief Marketing Officer for the American College of Financial Services 
and was also a Senior Executive for Prudential Financial and led a National Management & Leadership program. 
Currently, Jack is an Executive Leader Coach and expert on establishing accountability performance systems.

Denise Williams, MBA, LUTCF, CLTC

Denise Williams has over 25 years of business experience in Training and Development, Management and Leadership Development, Sales, and Financial Services. She has held both field and corporate positions working with teams and individuals across organizations to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Denise is a master facilitator and developer of training programs. Her passion for helping people reach their potential and commitment to adding value to organizations drives her success. She has trained, coached, and empowered thousands of corporate professionals in developing their careers.

Alexis Gladstone

Alexis Gladstone
Alexis Gladstone is an international speaker, executive coach, and consultant. She designs and
delivers strategies and programs to help clients develop current and next generation leaders,
increase the effectiveness of individuals in sales, and drive organizational change that delivers
results. She has worked with organizations across a variety of industries, coaching and training
thousands of individuals and teams.
Alexis has a passion for empowering professional women. She is a sought out voice on the topic of
women in leadership, and a frequent podcast guest around the globe discussing all things

John Glick, MBA, CLTC

John Glick has worked for a national insurance company and led and delivered management development and sales training programs. He has been an impactful leader coach: mentoring many successful managers. John has worked as an insurance consultant for over 17 years.

Bill Lombardo

Bill Lombardo is an acclaimed leadership and sales speaker, executive coach, and marketing consultant, currently consulting and coaching leaders from organizations like AmeriLife and American College. Previously with Bankers Life where he established and led the Bankers Learning Network. In that position, he was responsible annually for the training and development of 10,000 agents and 1,000 leaders throughout the organization. 

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